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What can I do in Beaver County Utah and Restaurant Skirting?
You can spend a fresh spring desert morning rock hounding or exploring a deserted mining town.  You can escape the summer heat to fish for mountain trout in lush, stream laced forests.  You can feel the excitement of crisp fall air and trees wearing their fall colors at the beginning of a deer hunt. You can ski the slopes of a majestic winter mountain.  We are "the gateway to the national parks" because of our proximity to the nation's best parks. It's all here in a 2,568 square mile patch of southwestern Utah that ranges from 12,000 foot mountain peaks to 4,700 foot desert floors.  You have places to see and things to do as varied as its four distinct seasons.  

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Horseback Riding in the Fall
--Horseback riding against the backdrop of fall colors.

--A beautiful beaver dam in one of many alpine lakes and streams.

Mileage from U.S. Cities to Beaver City in Beaver County Utah

City: Miles
1st Annual Butch Cassidy Festival, July 6th & 7th Salt Lake City 212
Boise 560
Ely 200
Denver 542
Las Vegas 235
Los Angeles 516
Phoenix 510
Reno 500
San Francisco - restaurant skirting 733



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