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Our People:
The people of Beaver county possess a heritage dating back to Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church in 1830.  Most of the people living in Beaver County are descended from the Mormon pioneers sent by Brigham Young to inhabit this area.  Many of the black rock and pink stone homes built by those pioneers still exist.  The Mormon virtues along with excellent cooking, beautiful quilts and needlework are still inherent in the everyday life of Beaver County.

Our Cities:
Although small, our area has a rich history and each town has something to offer.

  • Beaver:  Beaver City Homepage.  Beaver City, easily accessed by exits 109 and 112 off Interstate 15, is the county seat and the largest city in the county.  It provides all services as well as activities such as golf, access to the Paiute ATV trail, indoor swimming pool, gun club, and horse races.  The log cabin visitors center on Main street has displays of pioneer artifacts and information.

--Historic County Court House in Beaver

  • Milford: 32 miles west off I-15, Milford was originally a railroad and mining town. A new, Spanish style, railroad depot was just completed.  Both Amtrak and Union Pacific Trains still stop in Milford.  Due to the abounding minerals in the surrounding desert and mountains, Milford has a rich mining past.  Many of the buildings from times past can still be seen on Main street.

--Old home in Beaver County

  • Greenville: Greenville is 5 miles west of Beaver City and one mile south of U-21. Named for the lush green meadows and fields that surround the area, Greenville was settled in 1860 by Mormon Pioneers who originally lived in rough log cabins and adobe homes.  Farming and cattle ranching can be found through out the area.

  • Sulphurdale: Sulphurdale is just north of Beaver City off I-15.  Boasting the only pure steam site in the United States, Sulphurdale is home to a major geothermal plant.  The area is especially well known for its excellent hunting.  Visitors can freely hunt on non-posted areas or can seek permission to hunt on posted areas.

  • Minersville: Minersville is located 18 miles west of 1-15 and sits in a small picturesque valley surrounded by mountains with a meandering river nearby. It was first settled as a mining town where silver, gold and lead were mined.  Its main industry is dairy farming.  Each August, the Beaver County Fair is held in Minersville. If you travel west from Beaver City, you'll find a number of other resorts, hotels, timeshare resales, and campgrounds to choose from. Be sure to stop by the ghost towns in Western Beaver County including Frisco, a former mining town and a great place for rockhounding

  • Frisco: Frisco is now an historic ghost town, but was once home to 4000 miners.  After a collapse in the mine many years ago, the town basically dried up.  It is home to a wonderful old cemetery that you shouldn't miss visiting.
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